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Install APK

  • Step 1: Click to download: 360mobi Nikki – APK FILE
  • Step 2:  After downloading successful, there are 2 ways to install on mobile:
    • 1: Click the pop-up notification to install:

    • 2: If STARs already deleted the pop-up notification and can’t find it anymore, then do the following steps below:
      • Click “File” application on the main screen:

      • Then, choose APK:

      • Finally, let’s click the apk to install the game. In the process, if a message with “Unknown sources” notification appears, then check yes to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources:

      • If STARs have any problem in the process of installing, feel free to send message to 360mobi Nikki Fanpage, we will guide you ^^~