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Game Interface


Basic Interface

    • This is a main lobby area. Each building in the hall is a separate function that will be opened when STAR reachs a certain stage. Every activities of Miracle Nikki 360mobi are located in this interface:

Personal Interface

    • Your own room. This is a place where STAR can prepare, makeup… for your own character:

Shop Interface

    • This is a shopping district. STAR can select costume according to the theme or classified by the corresponding footnote button:

Journey Interface

    • This is an area for you to participate in the fashion contest. Each stage requires a different kind of fashion, by passing it then you can continue to go further. Depending on the point, you will be rated as S, A or B….

Friend Interface

    • STAR can see your friend collection from here:

Wardrobe Interface

    • It will tell you what you are missing and how to find them: