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Stylist Arena Function



  • Participate in Stylist’s Arena, Momo can ensure that Stylish can get:
      • To be admired by other Stylists on Ranking List.
      • A lot of Diamonds.
      • Starlight Coins.
      • Gold.
      • Note: Starlight Coins can be used to exchange Super Rare Costume Recipe.

How to participate:

    • Momo will tell Stylist how to participate:
        • Stylist’s Arena will open after Stylist complete stage 1-8 Maiden.
        • New season will be held each week. Season will be settled on each Monday at 05:00 AM (UTC+8)
        • Each day has 5 free challenges attempt, it will be refreshed at 05:00 AM each day, and you can buy more attempt to compete.
        • You will compete with other Stylist through various theme, you must choose appropriate costume to compete:

        • You will get different reward based on winning or losing.
      Win 5 starlight coins
      Lose 3 starlight coins
        • You will get 1 star with each win, after having 5 stars you can step into higher tier.

      TierPoints Needed (Pts)
      Intern Stylist 0
      Assistant Stylist 200
      Senior Stylist 400
      Expert Stylist 600
      Queen of Stylist 800
    • When you’re at Queen of Stylist, with each battle:
      • Win: get more than 5 points. If your opponent’s points are higher than yours, then you will get more points and vice versa.
      • Lose: point will be deducted. If your opponent’s points are higher than yours, then you will be deducted less point and vice versa.


      • The season will be settled at 5:00 AM on each Monday. After settlement, all Stylist’s point will be deducted.
      • Stylist will receive different rewards based on Stylist’s rank and tier after season ends. Rewards will be sent via mailbox.

        • After having a lot of Starlight Coins, Stylist must go to Store of Starlight to get Super Rare Costume Recipes or exchange dyes to customize clothes: