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Recipe Workshop



    • In the world of Miracle Nikki 360Mobi, the workshop has always been an attractive place for all Stylist. Because in there, you can manually create the costumes you wish.
    • It consists of 4 main areas:

      Customization: dye costumes to change attribute.
      Recipe Crafting: use the subsidiary costume to assemble new costume with higher quality, better look, do require the recipe.
      Evolution: use low-level costumes to upgrade to a costume with sharp detail, more shimmer, do not require the recipe.
      Decompose: splitting the excess costumes to get the materials in order to craft or reconstruct rare costumes.


    • Requirement: pass stage 1-8 Maiden.
    • How to customize:
        • Customization is the step of changing the current color of the costume in order to enhance attributes:

    • Customization will consume materials and dyes, you can find them through Stylist’s Arena Shop or when splitting the excess costumes.

Recipe Crafting:

    • Requirement: pass stage 2-6 Maiden.
    • How to craft:
      • Recipe Crafting will help you to get extremely shimmering costumes.
      • You should have:
          • Costumes Recipe: exchange from Stylist’s Arena Shop.
          • Subsidiary Costumes, you can get it from: Buy from shop, Stage’s reward,...
          • Gold: For example, some costumes you can craft from recipe:


    • Requirement: pass stage 3-3 Maiden.
    • How to craft:

      • You will need the same costumes to upgrade successfully, you can get them from princess stage.
      • Note that you can only participate each princess stage 3 times per day (If you want to participate more, you need to spend diamond to buy more challenge attempts).

Decompose Reconstruct:

  • Requirement: pass stage 1-8 Maiden.
  • How to reconstruct:
    • Splitting costumes to get specific material:
      • Through the splitting of the excess costumes – not in use anymore – you can get:
          • The materials used to dye costume.
          • The probability of receiving ancient jewelry.
          • Fill the energy of Lost Box

          • Open the Lost Casket to get plenty rewards:

    • Reconstruct costume:
        • When you collect plenty of ancient jewelry, you can use them to exchange super rare costume through the Reconstruction Function:

        • Some costumes you can reconstruct: