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Journey Function


Introduction of Journey Function:

Include 2 level of difficulty: Maiden and Princess
      • Maiden Rewards:
        • Costume.
        • Experience point.
        • Gold.
      • Princess (After passing stage 4-1 Maiden):
        • Premium Costume, or used as raw material for upgrading costume.
        • More experience point.
        • More gold.

Each chapter has several stages with different theme.

How to pass stage:

      • In order to passing stage easily, you need to wear the right costume according to the requirement of each stage, check “Tip” button of every stage:

      • Choose costumes according to the requirement of stage:

      • If you fail, Mumu will suggest which costumes you need to wear in order to pass, just paid attention and follow:

      • After the match, you will be rated as: S, A ,B ,C, D, F. According to the rating, you will receive different reward.
      • If you get “A” grade, then when you try again:
        • Use “Done 1 times” function: get reward immediately, no need to mix up costume again.
        • If you’re at VIP 4 or above: you can activate function “Done 10 times”