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Creating Stylist Association

    • Completing 3-2 Maiden.
    • Star has 800+ item in wardrobe’s collection.
    • 300 Diamond.
    • Association’s Medal: STAR can choose one of the seven countries’s symbol
    • Association’s Notice Board: maximum of 140 characters
      • [2 information above can be modified later]
    • Association’s name: maximum of 12 characters, no space
    • Association’s member: At the beginning, Association can contain 20 members. The higher the Association level, the more member can join (With level 10 Association, 38 members can join)

Joining Association

  • Not joining any Association at the moment.
  • Already completed 3-2 Maiden.
How to join:
  • Find by ID
  • The system will introduce random Association
  • Find by TOP Association
  • After joining Association, you can’t be kicked in 24 hours
  • After quitting Association, you need to wait 12 hours before joining new Association

Association Management

        • Each Association only has 1 President and 3 Vice President
        • Only President has the right to disband and change Association’s Symbol
      • President:
        • Kick member
        • Accept new member
        • Edit notice board
        • Edit symbol
        • Transfer President (12 hours later after creating Association)
        • Disband
        • Promote/Demote Vice President
      • Vice President:
        • Kick member
        • Accept new member
        • Edit notice board
Association Management:
    • Association member list:
      • All members can see Association Member List: name, level, costume name
      • Displayed in the following order: President, Vice President, Member
    • Notice Board:
      • Whenever there is a new notice, “!” will appear on the Association’s notice board


Association Coin: it belongs to each member
        • Usage:
          • To level up skill.
          • To exchange costume, dye in Association’s Store.
        • Gain from:
          • Sort material (5 Association Coin/times)
          • Donate book (18 Association Coin/times)
          • Completing Request (depeng on the rating: C, B, A, S)
          • Bonus request Reward
Growth point: it’s used to level up Association
      • Gain from:
        • All members sort material (3 Growth Point/times)
        • All members donate book (10 Growth Point/times)
        • All members do request (2 Growth Point/times)
Activeness Point: it shows the activeness of each member
    • Gain from:
      • To do request (2 point/times).
      • To buy Wishing Star (20 point/times).

Activeness Ranking

Member’s Activeness Ranking:
        • Ranking is refreshed at 05:00 Monday
Association’s Activeness Ranking:
      • The total score of members is the score of association
      • TOP 50 with the highest activeness will be shown
If member leaves or is expelled:
    • The total of association’s activeness score will immediately deduct the score of that member.
    • The total activeness score and weekly activeness score of that member will be deleted.


    • The chat board only shows 30 chat lines.
    • Maximum of 140 characters.
    • You have to wait 10 seconds before chatting again

Quitting Association

  • Only Association Coin and Association Skill can be kept after quitting, others information will be deleted.
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