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Event Time

  • Singapore, Phillipines, Malaysia (UTC+8)
    • Start: 05:30 05/05/2017.
    • End: 23:59 11/05/2017.
  • Indonesia, VietNam (UTC+7)
    • Start: 04:30 05/05/2017.
    • End: 22:59 11/05/2017.

Event Summary:

    • During the Event, you can obtain Oath Rings by completing stages.
    • The Event will have 5 stages. At each stage the STARS will participate in the mixing clothes contest with other players (such as in the Stylist Arena). Oath rings will be given out as follows:
      • Winning: 5 Oath Rings;
      • Losing: 3 Oath Rings.
    • Finally, exchanging "Oath Rings" for amazingly beautiful wedding dresses.

Event Summary:

        • Step 01: In the main screen, Tap "Find Stylist".

          • Step 02:
            • Choosing "Complete now": To complete the stage instantly after STARs has completed it once
            • Choosing "Start Styling": if STARs want to do the stage again in order to get higher score

          • Step 03: Having enough Oath Rings to exchange for each part of the suit.


  • Every day at at 5:00 am,  STAR will receive 3 free Attempts for each stage.
  • After the free attempts are over, additional attempts can be purchased (10 Diamonds per attempt - unlimited.)
  • Each fight competition needs 4 Stamina.
  • Changing opponents is not allowed after the system has made its picks.
  • After the Event is finishing, the Oath Rings in the STARS' s possession will not be lost but will continue in use in the next Happiness Event (Second Period).
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