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Dragon Boat Festivals

Dragon Boat Festivals

Event Time

  • Singapore, Phillipines, Malaysia (UTC+8)
    • Start: 05:30 30/05/2017.
    • End: 23:59 03/06/2017.
  • Indonesia, VietNam (UTC+7)
    • Start: 04:30 30/05/2017.
    • End: 22:59 03/06/2017.

    Event Summary:

      • During the Event, you can claim the recipe of Exquisite Luck, and use Rice Pudding to craft it.
      • Rice Pudding that you have chance to claim by completing any stages.

    Event Guide:

          • Step 01: In the main screen, tap “Dragon Boat Festivals” Icon.

            • Then, The popup of event will show all of suits.

            • Step 02: STAR will have a chance to claim Rice Pudding by completing any stage.

            • Step 03: Having enough Rice Pudding to craft each part of Exquisite Luck Suits.


    • The drop rate for "Rice Pudding" at the stages is totally random.
    • The dresses could be dyed to change colors.
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